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We have Designated (One-way) and Hourly Drivers available.


We come to you when it's time to go somewhere with your car, and drive you in your own car. Whether celebrating an extraordinary day or having a night with friends, this service is the easist way to achieve peace of mind. With our service, no one chooses between drinking and driving, and there is absolutely no reason not to enjoy the night.

Use a driver in every circumstance, from driving to the airport to outpatient surgeries. Any situation where you can drive to the location but shouldn't drive back - we can get you & your car home safely. Stop waiting for two taxi's or pay a round-trip taxi fare again. Stop hassling the next morning with getting your car back, don't leave your car behind, and avoid parking tickets; most importantly, you have the peace of mind that comes with not risking it.

Call and we will:

  • Come to your location,
  • Drive you and your car home.
  • Send an interceptor vehicle to pick up the driver.
  • By driving you in your car, you can trust us with your car as you are always in the car with us. (To see more about our drivers and training, click here and here.)

    Our prices are 30 dollars pickup fee plus 3 dollars per mile. If the trip is 5 miles, it would be: $30 base fee + $3 per mile for 5 miles = $45. There is an additional cost for rides that are out of our service area - please call.

  • 10 miles: $30 base fee + $3 per mile for 10 miles = $60. (e.g. Georgetown to McLean, VA)
  • 20 miles: $30 base fee + $3 per mile for 20 miles = $90. (e.g. Adams Morgan to Gaithersburg, MD)

    We offer a $5 cash discount additionally.


    We offer two different types of reservations. By offering you a choice, we allow you to be spontaneous yet assured of a safe ride home. Reservations are not required.

  • Confirmed reservation: Sure about the time that you want to go? You can reserve a driver who will be at the agreed location at the time you need - guarenteed or your money back. The driver will search for you and your car for 15 minutes past your reservation, in case your cell can't be reached due to service/power/loud environment. This type of reservation is required at major events; eg arenas, concerts etc. It's also required on New Years Eve. Credit card required.

  • Flex reservation: We get in touch with you 1 hour ahead of time to confirm you need a driver. You must answer your phone or text a confirmation back to us at least 45 minutes ahead your selected time to keep your reservation. Required on Christmas Eve/Day, and Thanksgiving. No credit card required.

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    Our drivers always respect your privacy. For more information, please see our privacy policy.